Who is Quarantine Care and Layla Roberts?

Sydney hotel quarantine care package

Our values

  • We care about the wellbeing of everyone in hotel quarantine
  • We care about all Australians and Permanent Residents of Australia who are stuck overseas
  • We care about all Australian residents who wish to visit family overseas, and can’t receive a travel exemption

Where it all began

Layla Roberts, our founder, emigrated from the UK to Australia in 2006 and became an Australian citizen in 2008.

Whilst working as a concierge for platinum credit cardholders, she discovered her natural talent in helping organise other people’s personal lives. Quickly realising she was “born to be a concierge”, Layla started Sydney Concierge (previously known as Concierge Connections) in 2010. 

After taking time out when her son was born in 2018, she started Christmas Concierge in October 2020 and Quarantine Care in April 2021.

Layla is passionate about helping Australians who are stuck overseas to get home and helping them get through two weeks in hotel quarantine with their sanity intact!


9am - 9pm


We understand that people arrive at hotel quarantine at all times. We will try to respond to out-of-hours enquiries as quickly as we can. Booking in advance is highly recommended for out-of-hours deliveries.

Drop us a line

Layla Roberts


+61 (0) 414 737 730

ABN: 22538892870