why choose quarantine care

Since Covid-19 started 18 months ago, a lot of companies have started offering care packages. So why should you choose Quarantine Care over the other options? There are two main differences between us and our competitors:


Firstly, we deliver our care packages by hand, whereas the majority of other companies deliver them by post.

There are many benefits of using a courier compared to Australia Post, including:

  • We deliver 7 days a week.
  • Australia Post will never be as fast as a courier, and certainly not in a pandemic. Their next-business-day guarantee is currently suspended, letters to the same state take up to 4 business days (depending on origin and destination) and parcels could easily take a week to another state. Meanwhile, we offer a 4-hour window, same-day, and next-day delivery options.
  • If the recipient isn’t home, Auspost will sometimes (but not always) leave a card and the parcel will be required to be picked up from the post office. On the other hand, we call the recipient to check if they would like us to leave the package in a safe place. If not, or there’s no safe place, we will arrange to deliver to them at a more convenient time.
  • Often we receive incomplete addresses, such as 27 John St when it should be Unit 23/27 John St. Once more, we always call the recipient to check their full address. On the other hand, a postman/woman will simply take it to a post office.

Secondly, we deliver our care packages in reusable shopping bags (see examples below), whereas our competitors deliver them in fancy boxes with pretty tissue paper.

Fancy boxes with luxurious packaging certainly look nice. But…

  • We would rather provide great value and spend the extra money on the items inside the care package, instead of packaging which will ultimately be thrown in the bin.
  • Which brings us neatly to our second reason for using a reusable bag….they are more environmentally friendly as they can be reused. And each time your friend/colleague/employee/ loved one does their shopping, they will get a warm fuzzy feeling from remembering the care package you sent them.

And above all else, our care packages are chosen with love & delivered with care.