It may be controversial to some, but I am glad Sydney is in lockdown and hope that SE Queensland’s is extended.

Yes, I feel awful for small businesses that don’t survive this.

Yes, I feel awful for anyone that has lost their job/had their income reduced.

Yes, I feel awful for all parents having to juggle homeschooling and working from home.

Yes, I feel awful for anyone that had a large event planned, such as their wedding in Brisbane last weekend.
Yes, I feel awful for anyone who lives in the 8 LGAs of Sydney which are currently in hard lockdown (this includes myself).
Yes, I feel awful for anyone who lives by themself and perhaps doesn’t even have anyone to form a ‘singles bubble’ with.
Yes, I feel awful for everyone who has been affected by these lockdowns, physically, mentally, or financially, as well as Victoria’s and South Australia’s recent ones.
However, until these lockdowns, Australia was living in a bubble, which was bound to burst at some point. We were all complacent and pretty oblivious to what the rest of the world has suffered over the last 16 months or so. Yet we could not escape this virus forever. Coronavirus is not going away; most experts believe it will always be around, much like the flu is.
Even if our international borders were closed forever, we could not escape it, as the latest Sydney outbreak has proved (it was started by an unvaccinated limo driver, who was picking up flight crew from a Fedex plane). We need cargo planes. Nice as it would be to buy ‘Australian-made’ all of the time. It is simply not feasible, just ask the laptop I am typing this one or the mobile phone you are reading it on.

Not to mention of course that 30% of Australia’s population were born overseas, and therefore most have family in other countries that they long to see (including myself). Some of these Australian families missed saying goodbye to terminally ill loved ones before it was too late, missed funerals, missed their sister’s wedding, missed their child’s birth, and other major life events. A couple of days ago, Australia’s PM said that we would need 80% of Australia’s adults vaccinated before families can be reunited from Australia and overseas.

This brings me to my initial point. I believe that lockdowns, and sadly only lockdowns, will reduce vaccine hesitancy, improve government communication and increase the extra vaccines they order.

As of today, we are at just 18% (36/38 of OECD countries), so have 62% to go. So please, if you don’t have any pre-existing conditions which means you are unable to, please #getvaccinated #itstheonlywayout